Reflections on 6 Months Later

Reflections on 6 Months Later

    It’s now been six months since I packed my life into a couple of suitcases and moved to Thailand.  It would be inadequate to say that it has been a life changing experience.  Rather I would propose that it’s been a life defining experience. 

     Before my move to Thailand I had the hope of gaining some English teaching experience, learning Thai, and meeting new people.  Other than that, I didn’t have many expectations.   In a way I intentionally went into the turn blind because I knew I could never predict what life here would be like; and I was right. 

     While I’m still figuring some things out I finally feel settled into Thailand.  It’s my home.  I have a small studio holding my few possessions that overlooks a farm and a balcony that hosts a beautiful sunset every night.  I have friends, some who have become very close to my heart, and I get to go to a job that both exhausts me and brings me happiness.  I can feel how much I’ve grown in these short 6 months.  My independence and confidence have soared.   More than ever I embrace challenges and use fear to fuel me to try things I’m afraid to do.

     The most incredible part about my time here, however, has been this dissolving line of separation.  When you first move here your senses are alert with how different everything is from home and how different YOU are from everyone.  But over time, and much quicker than expected, that feeling faded.  This has been the most beautiful part of it all.  They are no longer my Thai students; they’re simply my students.  There are no Thai friends and Farang friends; just friends.  There is no more separation of us vs other.  I no longer consider myself an expat living in Thailand; I’m simply living.

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