Packing 101 For Living in Italy

Packing 101 For Living in Italy

Before traveling to Italy, I found it very difficult to determine what I needed to pack. I scoured the internet and read countless blogs. To be honest, they were all too long and didn’t account for an active lifestyle. My wardrobe in Italy is a far cry from my wild fox shorts and rainbow sandals days in Venice, CA.

So, here is what I THINK you need to bring to Italy in the winter if you are more of an adventurous gal. Realistically, you only need to pack for a week/week and a half if you have laundry services. CAUTION: PACK SOCKS, or stockings or long underwear…your leggies will get cold. No sandals needed.


  • Booties with a heel (I am short and need height…also good for jumping puddles)
  • Black riding boots (I cut off the harness on my Frye boots) / snow boots if you’re way north)
  • Slippers/Uggs aka warm house shoes (All Italians have house shoes for good reason. It’s cold, you can’t walk barefoot here)
  • Running shoes (black if you have them so you can wear out too)
  • Flats (black / nude to wear with socks)
  • Heels (One pair of black heels)


  • Black Pants
  • Printed trousers
  • Long Black Skirt
  • Denim of choice
  • Overalls (see below from AK in Venice, CA)

Layers and layers. I’ve got cotton thigh highs on for warmth.


  • White collared shirt
  • Long sleeve cotton henley
  • Flannel 
  • Sweaters (Tan, Black, Grey)
  • Long sleeve cotton shirt in Olive


  • Grey / black peacoat
  • Patagonia Black Nano Jacket (water proof)
  • Cashmere wrap / poncho 
  • Running Jacket (Lululemon)


I borrowed this coat from a friend and wear it everyday.

Workout Gear:

  • 3 pairs of leggings
  • 1 pair of shorts
  • long socks
  • 2 pairs of running socks
  • gloves
  • running hat

Everything is very basic because life is very basic. I am living in a small town but still think this list would work for Milan. I haven’t left the house in workout gear once to go to the store. I get dressed every morning with purpose. However, I did go to Francesco’s dance class in my pajamas.

Hope this helps you pack for your trip!

x T

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