Get Paid to Travel Abroad with Your TEFL Certification

Get Paid to Travel Abroad with Your TEFL Certification

The best part about TEFL Certification courses is that you can complete them at any time before your teaching abroad experience. If you are in college, you can use your summer break to get certified in Chicago, Costa Rica or Nicaragua. Once you graduate you’ll be all set to get an amazing position teaching English almost anywhere in the world! Lose the stress of finding a job once you graduate, and have the adventure of a lifetime instead.

The summer is the perfect opportunity to get your TEFL Certification completed. The certification to Teach English as a Foreign Language is an important tool for obtaining work abroad as an English teacher.  Many countries require TEFL certifications to teach English. A TEFL Certification will not only help distinguish you from other applicants, you’ll find yourself much more prepared to step in front of your class on your first day of work abroad!

All of the courses offered by Greenheart Travel are top-of-the-line, fully accredited and meet all international TEFL certification standards. Along with any of our courses, you will also receive lifetime job placement assistance to teach anywhere in the world.Check out your options for certification and get certified while you travel overseas, or while you are saving for your trip abroad!

Chicago 4-Week On-Site TEFL Course

Get TEFL certified over four weeks in Greenheart Travel’s hometown – Chicago!  Enjoy all that summer in Chicago has to offer. This course boasts an intensive 4-week program, with limited class sizes and student teaching opportunities with local ESL students.

All students receive lifetime job search guidance, including personal guidance from a Job Search Adviser  and ESL job search manual, and ESL worldwide school directors with over 8,000 schools worldwide.

While you’re here, be sure to stop by our office and see us about your next adventure abroad!

Costa Rica 4-Week On-Site TEFL Course  

Spend your summer break in tropical Heredia, Costa Rica, using this course as a destination TEFL course, and then take your certification with you to teach anywhere in the world. This is also the ideal course  to use as the perfect starting point to teach English in Costa Rica! Ninety percent of course graduates are able to find teaching positions in Costa Rica upon completion of the course with the job placement assistance provided by the school.

Nicaragua 4-Week On-Site TEFL Course

This month-long course allows you to experience the historically-rich city of Leon while gaining hands-on experience teaching local Nicaraguans. The school offers English lessons to the community for an incredibly discounted rate so that students, who would otherwise not be able to afford English lessons have an opportunity to improve their language skills. Whether your looking to stay in Nicaragua to teach after your course, or you’re interested in another country, you can use the job placement assistance to help you along the way!

Online 11-Week  TEFL Course 

If you can’t afford to spare the time needed for a 4-week, in-person certification course, consider the 170 hour Online TEFL Certification Course.  Over the course of 11 weeks, you can get fully certified around a busy work or school schedule, from anywhere around the world. This course includes a 20 hour in-person practicum, giving you the in-person course hours needed to join the Teach in Korea program. All students receive lifetime job search guidance, including personal guidance from a Job Search Adviser and ESL job search manual, and ESL worldwide school directors with over 8,000 schools worldwide.

Read about Marissa’s tips for getting the most out of your online TEFL course with a full time work or school schedule!

Other Certification Options:

If you are planning to teach on our Teach in Thailand or Teach in Myanmar programs, you have the option to add on a TEFL Certification course before you begin your placement.This is an excellent and inexpensive way to get fully certified before starting your teaching position, and we are able to guarantee placement once you’re accepted to the course. We highly recommend these programs, because they are great opportunities to meet tons of like-minded travelers before you begin your placement, you’ll be much more prepared for your teaching experience in Southeast Asia, and it’s a ton of FUN!

Teach in Myanmar plus TESOL Course (only $850 add-on)

Teach in Thailand plus TESOL Course  (only $800 add-on) 

Let us know if you have any questions on what program meets your teach abroad goals! Comment below on where you hope to teach abroad this year!


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