Countdown to Costa Rica for Gary Comer College Prep Students

Countdown to Costa Rica for Gary Comer College Prep Students

Nineteen students and two teachers from Gary Comer College Prep are counting down the days until they depart on a much anticipated trip to Costa Rica. After 7 months of planning and fundraising, we were excited to to meet with students, teachers and parents one last time before they board their flight in August.

To help them prepare for their travels, Greenheart Travel’s volunteer abroad program manager, Megan Arzbaecher, led an in-depth pre-departure orientation to help the students get ready for a full immersion in a new country and culture. It was also a chance to get everyone excited for the work they would be doing as volunteers abroad.

Gary-Comer-student Its-your-world-gary-comer Gary-Comer-predeparture-group

For many of the students, this will be their first time out of the country. With the support of family, friends and their school it’s been inspiring to see their goal to volunteer abroad become a reality!

The Gary Comer College Prep students will arrive in Costa Rica on August 8th and return back to Chicago August 14th. Stay tuned for behind-the-scenes video and photos from their upcoming adventures and follow us on Snapchat (Greenhearttravl) and Instagram.



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