Volunteer for a Weekend in Puerto Rico: One Year After Hurricane Maria, Here’s A Way To Help

Volunteer for a Weekend in Puerto Rico: One Year After Hurricane Maria, Here’s A Way To Help

As the year anniversary of Hurricane Maria approaches in September, Puerto Rico is still trying to pick up the pieces of the disaster that impacted thousands in a matter of hours. It’s still the beautiful, stunning island we fell in love with, but it still needs your help. And if you don’t have a week of your time to give, we’re offering a long weekend opportunity.

Before Hurricane Maria

After the Hurricane

One of the best ways to help a country devastated by natural disaster is be a tourist, and by traveling and staying at our forestry project in Puerto Rico you’ll have the opportunity to be both a tourist and to help get our research and educational institute back on its feet.

Ready to make a difference? Here are all the details you need to know.

How you will help:

Hurricane Maria devastated the rainforest and surrounding area of our sustainable forestry project in Puerto Rico. While the focus of our project is sustainable forestry, the project hasn’t been able to function at its full capacity since the hurricane. Having just got back on the power grid earlier this summer and still working through leaky water pipes, we’re still just barely making it to the starting line. Given the destruction, we’re working to:

  • Help clear away the overgrowth and debris that are killing our endangered species we’ve worked so many years to cultivate.
  • Many bridges and roads on the project are still unsuitable for use and need to be rebuilt.
  • Many structures need to be rebuilt as well.

Volunteers checking on a temporary bridge that was wiped away during the Hurricane that needs to be rebuilt.

When can you go?

Pick any weekend you’d want to go. Fly into San Juan on Friday morning, volunteer Saturday and Sunday, depart on Monday. Four days. Still making a big difference.

How many people can you go with?

You can go on your own, with a friend or in a group. We can accommodate around 15 people at a time, so the more the merrier. Just make sure you fit the requirements.

Where do you sleep?

There are two bunkhouses at the project site. If your group is larger than 15 you’ll be provided with tents.

What will you eat?

We provide you with delicious and nutritious ingredients to cook your meals. Some meals will be provided for you, others you’ll make on your own. If you’d like to add on a private cook for your group, let us know.

How much does it cost to volunteer?

The cost for the long weekend trip is $790 per person. See what’s included here. You’re paying for food, housing, insurance, and other personalized pre-departure resources from your program manager.

What do you need to know?

You should be in good physical shape for the manual labor required of you.

The surrounding areas are safe to drive, and all debris has been removed from roads and highways. The beach, just a 20-minute drive from the top of the mountain where the project is based, is cleared (it’s a protected nature zone, so you might even see a manatee!) and ready for you to visit after a long day’s work. If you don’t head to the beach, there are several rivers and natural pools within walking distance you can relax in.

Alright, how can you get started?

Head to our application and begin. If you’re going with friends or a group, you’ll all still need to fill out an application. Have questions? Schedule a call with the program manager.

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