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  • Overview

    Greenheart Travel Statement on Coronavirus/China: Due to the US Department of State’s issuance of a Level 4 Travel Advisory which advises Americans should not travel to China, we will be suspending sending new participants to China for the time being. For our participants currently there, we ask them to return home immediately.

    Greenheart Travel suggests that all participants refer to the US Department of State, World Health Organization, and Center for Disease Control for updates regarding the coronavirus, as the situation is fluid and changing very rapidly. Greenheart Travel is here to answer questions as we can, as this situation changes. We are here for you!



    Earn one of the ESL world’s best salaries while living on China’s sunny southern coast in one of the country’s cleanest, most beautiful cities!

    If you’re looking to make good money while having an immersive and fun experience in a beautiful culture, Fuzhou might be perfect for you!

    Program at a Glance:

    • FREE Program!
    • Private school placements in Fuzhou, Fujian
    • Fantastic benefits, including a great salary, flight reimbursement, and free housing
    • 12 month contracts
    • Monthly, flexible start dates
    • Orientation, job training and full support upon arrival
  • Eligibility

    • Native English speaker
    • Citizen of the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand
    • Bachelor’s degree
    • 120+ Hour TEFL/TESOL Certification (can be in process when you apply)
      • OR Bachelor’s in Education
      • OR teaching license + 2 years of teaching experience
    • Age 21-40

    Unfortunately, we are unable to make any exceptions to these requirements.

  • Benefits

    • Starting salary of ~$1,500-$1,900 per month, depending on qualifications
    • Salary increases throughout your contract
    • FREE high-quality housing with a fellow teacher
    • 10 paid vacation days your first year plus 30+ paid holidays
    • Airfare reimbursement (~$1,100)
    • Airport pickup
    • Free Chinese lessons
    • Health Insurance
    • 2-week paid orientation and training period
    • Extra in-country support from a local Greenheart staff member
    • Legal Z Working Visa and Residence Permit
    • Visa processing documentation and assistance
    • Personal attention from Greenheart Travel to ease you through the application and visa process
    • Community of 100+ other foreign teachers to welcome you!

    Personal startup costs:

    • Visa process (up to $800 – save your receipts and you’ll be reimbursed upon arrival in China)
    • Flight to China (airfare reimbursement is provided upon completion of contract)
    • $1100 – $2000 USD to get you started in China*

    *If you need help with startup funds, our school in Fuzhou offers 5000RMB startup loans that you can repay in 1000RMB installments over your first 5 months

  • Start Dates

    We are able to accept new teachers for most months of the year. Confirmed openings are listed below. Keep checking back as more positions might become available.

    Positions are limited and competitive, so please apply early!

    Greenheart Travel Statement on Coronavirus/China: Due to the US Department of State’s issuance of a Level 4 Travel Advisory which advises Americans should not travel to China, we will be suspending sending new participants to China for the time being.

    Greenheart Travel suggests that all participants refer to the US Department of State, World Health Organization, and Center for Disease Control for updates regarding the coronavirus, as the situation is fluid and changing very rapidly. Greenheart Travel is here to answer questions as we can, as this situation changes. We are here for you!

    Contract start Availability

    This program is on hold due to COVID-19. We will update our website with new dates when we are able to safely operate this program.

  • Teaching Position

    School Details

    • Extracurricular English academy
    • Students age 3-16
    • Afternoon and weekend hours
    • Monday and Tuesday off
    • Small classes (12-16 students)
    • Chinese TAs to assist in your classroom
    • 10 paid vacation days your first year, PLUS 30+ paid public holidays
    • Fixed schedule with regular salary, rather than unstable, per-class wages
    • 18 hours of classroom time per week

    Weekly Schedule

    Monday: OFF

    Tuesday: OFF

    Wednesday: 2 – 8:30

    Thursday: 2 – 8:30

    Friday: 2 – 8:30

    Saturday: 8:30 – 5:30

    Sunday: 8:30 – 5:30

    Note that schedule may vary during holidays and summer sessions

    Classroom Experience

    Our schools encourage a fun, interactive learning style, so you might find yourself singing, dancing, and leading your class in games and creative activities! Teachers are provided with detailed curriculum to work with, and are given extensive resources, supplies, and toys to make their lessons enjoyable and engaging.

    You’ll have a Chinese-speaking teaching assistant to help with classroom management, and classes are capped at 16 students.

    Most teachers have 18 hours of classroom time per week. You’ll have the rest of your hours to lesson plan, which means you generally won’t have to take your work home with you!

  • Arrival & Training

    When you land in Fuzhou, someone from your school will pick you up at the airport and help you get settled into your new apartment. Your coordinator will show you around the area in your first days on the ground, and you’ll have a welcome dinner to introduce you to your new colleagues and friends!

    Orientation and Training

    The fully-paid orientation and training period is two weeks long and held at your school. During orientation, you’ll learn about the basics of life on the program —culture, life in China, and an introduction to the school and the teaching position to help you succeed in the classroom.

    The bulk of your first two weeks will be on-the-job training. You’ll do class observations, seminars, and one-on-ones with senior teachers. You’ll be trained on specific topics such as the school’s curriculum, teaching methodology, classroom management, available supporting materials (workbooks, flashcards, software, toys, etc.), and how to create effective lesson plans. You’ll receive hands-on training during the first two weeks in preparation for your own classes.

  • Living in Fuzhou

    Fuzhou is the capital of the lovely southern province of Fujian, and is considered one of the greenest and cleanest cities in China! The city is over 2,000 years old, and in recent years has been undergoing a huge modernization process, so you’ll get to experience the beauty of ancient China while enjoying modern amenities and comforts.

    Although the city is home to over 2.5 million people, there’s no shortage of green space. Visit West Lake Park in the city center for an afternoon break, or spend your day off hiking up to the Tao temple on GuShan Mountain, just outside the city.

    We know moving to China can be intimidating, so on our program, we’ll make sure you’re not on your own. All teachers share a two-bedroom apartment with another foreign teacher, so you’ll have a friend right from day one! You’ll also be working with a tight-knit group of foreign teachers and Chinese staff at your school, and you’ll have regular social events scheduled to keep you busy outside of work.

    Explore China and Asia!

    Your contract offers you a total of nearly 6 weeks of time off, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore! Fuzhou has a major international airport and is perfectly located to visit some of the most attractive weekend destinations China and East Asia have to offer!

    • Shanghai (1.5 hours)
    • Hong Kong (2-hours)
    • Taipei (1.5 hours)
    • Seoul (3 hours from Xiamen)
    • Bangkok (3.5 hours)
    • Tokyo (3 hours hours)
    • Yalong Bay, considered the best beach in China (2 hours)
  • Living Expenses


    All teachers are provided with free, high-quality accommodation in a fully-furnished two-bedroom apartment. Two teachers are housed in each apartment, so you’ll have a built-in roommate. You won’t have to worry about hunting for apartments or paying huge deposits – everything is provided for you and will be ready the day you arrive!

    Apartments are located in modern, gated complexes, no further than 2 miles from your school. Public transit is readily available, and on nice days you’re close enough to walk!

    Other Monthly Expenses

    Teachers on this program make a very high salary and can save a significant portion of their income after expenses! Note that these figures are averages, and each individual teacher will vary.

    Average first-year salary: 11,000 RMB/month ($1,600 USD)

    Typical monthly expenses:

    • Utility bills (water, electricity, gas, internet): 350RMB
    • Income tax: 350 RMB
    • Cell phone: 100RMB
    • Transportation: 300 RMB
    • Food (mix of groceries and meals out): 2,000 RMB
    • Entertainment: 1,000 RMB

    Average saved after expenses: 6,900 RMB/month ($1,000 USD)

  • Why Greenheart Travel?

    We offer a FREE support service, making the complicated process of moving to China much easier on you!

    • Our staff is in Chicago – we are available to answer questions during US business hours
    • Friendly, responsive, and professional support from program managers who have taught abroad
    • An experienced program manager will personally review your application to make sure it’s correct and ready to be submitted to the schools in China
    • A local Greenheart staff member who lives in Fuzhou will be there for extra support!
    • Hands on support and personal attention every step of the way including:
      • Preliminary practice interview with Greenheart Travel
      • Exclusive tips and prep questions for your interviews
      • Access to guides and tools for each part of the complicated visa process
      • Tips and resources to expedite your documents
      • Comprehensive and in-depth pre-departure support includes cultural and logistical training
      • Continued support throughout your contract in China
      • Discounted document processing services
    • We are a non-profit, mission-based organization

    Want to know more?

    Read about our past participants experiences here! 

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  • FAQs

    I’m nervous about moving to China!

    We know that this is a big move, so we’re here to support you in every step, from the day you apply to your very last day in China. We’ll assist you through the visa process and prepare you for your departure. When you arrive in China, staff member will be waiting at the airport to welcome you and help you settle into your new apartment, which you’ll share with a fellow foreign teacher. You’ll have extensive training, orientation, and continuing education to make your teaching job a success, and you’ll have a ready-made group of friends at your school!

    Can I apply with my friend or significant other?

    Absolutely! As long as you’re both eligible, you can apply together. If you are both accepted, we can place you together. You may be at different schools, but you’d be placed in the same city and can live together. Couples are given a two-bedroom apartment to themselves.

    What type of visa will I be working on?

    All teachers will arrive on a 30 day, single-entry work (Z) visa. Upon arrival in China, staff will continue the application process and apply for your ‘Residence Permit’. The school will process the necessary visa paperwork, but it will be up to you to apply for your visa through your nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate. We’ll assist you with this process.

    How and when will I be paid?

    Your salary will be paid each month (for the previous month) in local currency, Chinese RMB, and will be deposited into your Chinese bank account. Your school will help you set up your bank account.

    What does the insurance policy include?

    Medical insurance is provided for the duration of your contract. Illnesses, injuries and accidents are all covered. Typically, about 90% of medical costs can be reimbursed.

    Is China safe?

    China is a very safe country. However, just like in any country, you should exercise caution and practice good judgment: Be aware of your surroundings, keep an eye on your belongings, don’t walk alone late at night, etc.

    Will I be able to meet other teachers on the program?

    Yes! This program offers a great community of foreign teachers and Chinese support staff. You’ll attend a group orientation, live with another teacher, and have regularly sponsored cultural and social events! All teachers are placed in schools with other teachers.

    Are there any required vaccinations for China?

    While there are no required vaccinations for China beyond routine vaccinations, we highly recommend that you see a doctor or travel clinic for advice on vaccinations. You can find more details about recommended vaccinations on the CDC website.

    However, a general physical exam will be required to obtain your work visa. Once you are in China, school staff will set up an appointment for you to get a more in-depth medical examination which will include chest x-rays, an EKG and other tests.

    Are meals included?

    No meals are provided for teachers by the school. Generally, teachers cook one meal a day, and eat at a restaurant for their other two meals. The cost of eating at a restaurant is inexpensive and convenient (both schools have a wide variety of options nearby). Each apartment has a kitchen where teachers can cook their meals. There are grocery stores within walking distance of the schools/apartments, as well many cheap street food vendors. Western food is also widely available, but will be considerably more expensive than Chinese meals.

  • Application Process

    1. Start Your Application HereYou will be sent more information as well as the link to our application portal to begin your formal application.

    2. Submit Basic Program Information: The first step in our application portal will be basic things like your chosen start date, etc.

    3. Complete Application & Documents: Provide more detailed information about yourself in Part 2 of the application. In this section, you’ll tell us more information like your work history, motivations for joining the program, travel history, and emergency contacts. You will also submit your documents (below) within your portal account.

    4. You will have two rounds of interviews, each of which determines your advancement in the application process. The first will be with Greenheart Travel; the second will be with a representative of the school in China.

    5. You’re Accepted! Woohoo! We are usually able to accept people within 1-2 weeks of their interviews. After being accepted into the program, you will complete all of your remaining paperwork, and you’ll be provided with the documents necessary to obtain your visa (read more below).

    6. Book your flights, and get ready for your adventure in China!

    Required Documents 

    • Resume
    • Background check
    • Passport
    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • TEFL certification

    Visa Application Process 

    Once you are offered a position and accept, you’ll need to physically mail the following documents to China for Z Visa processing:

    • Copy of Bachelor’s Degree
    • Physical/Medical Examination Form
    • Passport
    • Clear criminal record check, from FBI or local police station
    • Resume
    • Once your visa paperwork arrives, you’ll need to take the paperwork with you in person (or via visa service) to your nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate.
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