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Foods of the World: What to Eat and Proper Etiquette During Your Travels Abroad

Excited to try all the delicious foods and culinary traditions that the world has to offer? Us too! Join us as we journey through foods of the world! You’ll learn about local delicacies, meal times, proper dining etiquette and how to approach eating preferences while abroad.

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Teaching Abroad 101: What You Need to Know for a Successful Experience 

Are you daydreaming about being able to live abroad, but wonder how you would support yourself? Just about any Native English speaker can do it, and you don’t need to be an educator. Check out our webinar and intro on all things Teaching English Abroad and learn how to get started!

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How To Navigate Your Way Through an International Airport

Does the thought of flying through an international airport give you butterFLIES? Check our free online webinar to learn how to effortlessly navigate your way through international terminals, customs, baggage claims, and right into the heart of arrivals!

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Handling Culture Shock: How to Prepare and Tips for Navigating the Cultural Challenges While Traveling Abroad 

Traveling to a different country is a life-changing adventure, but it can also be challenging. This webinar covers a ways to address culture shock before it happens and how to work through it when it begins to set in.

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Living with a Host Family: What to Know Before You Go to Have a Successful Homestay Experience

On this free online webinar, we talk about how to best adjust to your new family dynamic, what to expect in your homestay and advice for settling into a new culture while living abroad.

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Safety & Security: Traveling in the Age of Uncertainty

Excited about the prospect of going abroad, but not sure if it’s the right time to do it? On this free online webinar we discuss why the current world climate makes this a uniquely important time to travel and how you can safely explore it with confidence.

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Choosing an Ethical Volunteer Program: Questions to Consider and What to Expect as an International Volunteer

On this free online webinar, we discuss the realities of volunteering abroad and address the ethical issues surrounding the voluntourism industry, while also highlighting its important role in cross-cultural exchange and service learning.

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