What Are Apartments and Houses like in Thailand?!

What Are Apartments and Houses like in Thailand?!

On our Teach in Thailand program, your school will provide you with an apartment when you arrive at your placement location, or help you house hunt when you arrive. You will pay rent yourself, which is on average around $100 USD per month (which makes me, a Chicagoan, want to cry). We do not include rent in the program, because it’s so cheap! While not everyone can afford to live in the Grand Palace, our teachers have found their very own versions of their grand palaces through the country.

Check out some of the accommodations throughout the country that our teachers call home!

Carly Taylor, Anna Imbeirowicz, and Anne Gaslin

After being homeless for way too long, we ended up with this cute house and a new roommate! Come visit us. #wehaveacouch #5moremonths @adventuresofanneimal @annaleeiz @greenheart_travel

A photo posted by Carly Taylor (@_carlytaylor) on

Shanelle Bennett in Bangkok

Bayley Lindgren in Chonburi

Sammy Bell in Chiang Mai

If you can look past the apples on my headboard, I’d say my first solo apartment is pretty solid! And it doesn’t hurt that it’s only 3,500 baht per month (that’s around $100 USD) ?? #Thailand #ChiangMai #GreenHeartTravel #teachabroad #TESOL #apartment A photo posted by Sammy Bell (@sammybell) on

Rachel Waltz in Korat

Jimmy Gongola

Home sweet home   A photo posted by Victoria Ross (@vro_music) on

Tyson Trimble

Victoria Slater

Tori Slater 2 Tori Slater

Taylor Stinson


Jeff Dick in Bangkok

Danielle de Klerk in Khonburi

My new home for the next year plus #thailand #greenhearttravel #khonburi #nakonrachasima #adventure #home #yesplease A photo posted by Danielle Andrea (@the_velvet_squish) on

Kathryn Ashin in Sukhothai

Basically our entire kitchen. #smallapartment #livingsmall #thailand #pasta #vegan #cooking #kitchen #oyvey #ricecooker #veggies #dinner   A photo posted by Kathryn (@kjashin) on

Alyssa Montoya


Bridgette Ferran in Sukhothai

Sunday morning ☀️ #sukhothai #thailand #love #travel #home #wanderlust A photo posted by bridgeferr (@bridgeferr) on

Becky Gartner

My new humble abode. The bed takes up 60% of the apartment and there’s a balcony so it is obviously the place for me. #homeiswhereyourstuffis #zerodollarrent   A photo posted by Becky Gartner (@beckyfartner) on

Kristen Vermiere and John Naramore in Hanka

Samantha Lam

After a day of apartment shopping, I’ve finally found my home for the next 6 months! A photo posted by @_samlam on

Sarah and Tyler Wilcox


Anne Gaslin

Home for the next nine months ? somebody pinch me   A photo posted by Anne Gaslin (@adventuresofanneimal) on

Tyson Trimble part 2


Brooke Drost and Myles Mastrototaro

11225933_10153313749506703_1438357336_n Brooke Brooke 3 Brooke 2

Kara Menini in Nakom Pathom (now a Greenheart Travel Program Manager – what what!)

thai home

Kaija Reinelt


Essence Lee

Essence Lee

Tracy Bomberg

Tracy 2 Tracy 3

Natalie Perini

Natalie Perini

Natalie Perini 4 

Melanie Graham

Melanie 1 MElanie 3

One thought on "What Are Apartments and Houses like in Thailand?!"

  1. Tuk says:

    Thais, like us, do not have the problem with bad quality tiny or coffin housing space like in HK, South Korea or Japan. Why? Thai people’s housing culture is better than that of HK, South Korea or Japan, and one of the world’ best housing culture.
    I have a 2-storeyed house of 200 square meters, with the garden surrounding area of 800 square meters, in my hometown upcountry.
    Bangkok has up to 10 million people with the same size as Hong Kong (with only 7 million people). I moved from my hometown to Bangkok. I have recently bought a two-storeyed townhouse of 200 square meters on the land of 116 square meters in Bangkok. I am not rich but just a middle class people and my job is operating level staff (translator). My new house is THB 2 million, and my salary is THB 50,000. I am living alone.
    Every year, Thai house enterpreneurs build new affordable good quality houses with sufficient living space for sale so there are supply of new houses every year. The most important thing is that Thai housing entrepreneurs never build bad quality house of insufficient living space for sale like chinese or japanese housing entrepreneurs are doing. There is a fierce competition amongThai housing entrepreneurs to build good quality housing space. That’s why Thais no have problem with bad quality housing space.

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