Friendships, Personal Empowerment and Why I Fell in Love with Germany

Friendships, Personal Empowerment and Why I Fell in Love with Germany

by Rachel Anderson, Greenheart Travel High School student in Germany

It’s hard to believe that my exchange trip to Germany is over. I have learned so much about myself and the world. The experience as an exchange student is so rewarding in so many ways. It was by far the best part of my 12 years of being in the school system.

Learning alongside wonderful people about an amazing culture helped me develop ideas of what I am hoping to do in my future and what I would like to see as an independent person. I feel so incredibly strong and empowered at the moment.

This feeling is accompanied by a huge hole in my heart because now I am supposed to live in a life where some of my best friends are living across the world. I am so thankful for what those friendships have taught me. It makes me realize how amazing the world is and how many people are eager and excited for an adventure.

I feel so comfortable in my own skin and I feel completely aware of who I am. With a new sense of what makes me happy I feel so excited for the future because I know that I will be happy very easily with the simple things. Over the past three months, I ate some of the best food I have ever tasted, danced with incredible people, laughed at all my mistakes, expanded friendships into life-long friendships, and fell in love with Germany. I already plan on going back as soon as possible because I can’t imagine living a life where those people aren’t in it.

Coming home after this experience has been very difficult. It was amazing seeing my family, friends, and home again. Yet it seems so weird to not share this experience with my friends in Germany. I just want them to be right beside me. I already miss them like crazy and I am so excited to keep in contact with all of them.

Once I got home I noticed ways which my lifestyle has changed, it’s really nice because I feel a greater connection to my home and I always want to keep busy because that is the way Germans live there life. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I would recommend it to everyone who is even slightly interested.

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