What I Will Miss Most About Studying in Germany

friends in germany

by Rachel Anderson, Greenheart Travel High School Student in Germany

This is my last week in Bremen, Germany studying abroad. I will miss this place so much. There are little things which I cannot imagine living without. Such as the tram, the amazing bread, the park I run in, the car rides with my friends, etc.

Then there are the big things I will miss, which seem to be impossible to live without. Such as my friends, my city, my host-family, and hearing German every day. Over the past three months, I have learned so much about Germany as well as other countries which I am now extremely excited to visit as well.


My good friend here asked me the other day when I would be coming back. Without hesitation I thought, well why do I have to leave? Honestly, I feel like I have known this place and these people my entire life, and it’s only been three months. There are so many little things which make me so happy here, like eating really good potatoes, or speaking somewhat understandable German. These small things wouldn’t usually bring me so much joy, but now they have so much more meaning to me.


I have met three girls here, who I can honestly say are some of the best friends I have ever had. Two of them are German and have these incredible families with their own traditions and lifestyles. We are barely ever separated and we have promised to each other that we will see each other very soon. The other girl is not in my class, she is another exchange student attending my school, and we are also always together because we help each other with different situations since both of us understand what the other is going through with exchange. These three people I feel so lucky to have met because I know that they will always have my back even from across the world.

cathedral in germany

I am extremely excited for the next couple of days because I get to be with the people and the city which I love so much.


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