Letter from Eve Corbett: Homecoming

Letter from Eve Corbett: Homecoming

by Eve Corbett, Greenheart Travel high school student in Japan

As my final couple of weeks of studying in Japan began to fly by, I continued to think about my time I spent in Japan and what I would take away from the experience.

On June 11 I went with my host family to a restaurant for my dinner with everyone. Grandparents from both sides came, along with a cousin. Saying goodbye was a little difficult but thankfully everyone managed to come and see me off at the train station later that week, so I got to see them one more time.

I really cherished the last bits of time I had with my host family. I had a lot of fun going with my host sister after school to try “doctor fish.” For those who don’t know, doctor fish are small fish that eat the dead skin off of your feet. It was a new experience for both myself and my host sister. The fish were rather ticklish so we laughed the whole time. As strange of an experience as it was, it is one memory that I will probably remember for a lifetime…

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