VIDEO: Insights into Being a High School Student in Japan

VIDEO: Insights into Being a High School Student in Japan
This short video highlights the two most important things I believe every high school student should know or be prepared for before studying abroad in a Japanese classroom!

Check out my video or read on below for my tips about studying abroad in Japan.

First things first, making friends!

Now I`m sure you are already aware that this is absolutely important, but I still feel the need to mention it! Japanese students are very shy, so you really need to put yourself out there and make an effort to make friends. Once you make one friend, it should be a lot easier to make the next. Just keep reminding yourself to not give up, and that hard work is worth it in the end.

The second thing I mentioned in this video is some information about how the classroom in Japan works.

As I mentioned in the video, Japanese classrooms are extremely different from American classrooms. For one, you stay in your classroom and the teacher comes to you. Rarely do you go to another classroom unless it`s an exception like music or P.E class.

Finally, in Japan however, rarely does the teacher address the students.

In America, the students often raise hands, ask questions and the teacher interacts quite often with his/her students. This is not the case in Japan. The Japanese teacher will talk and write down on the board while the students listen and take notes. Those same notes will later be handed to the teacher at the end of the semester.

I hope this short video is eyeopening and answers any questions any potential Japanese exchange students might have!

Here`s the Japanese translation:



このビデオで2番目に挙げたのは、日本の教室の仕組みに関する情報です。ビデオで言及したように、日本の教室はアメリカの教室とはまったく異なります。 1つは、教室に留まり、先生があなたに来ます。まれに音楽やP.Eのクラスのような例外を除いて、別の教室に行くことはほとんどありません。



2 thoughts on "VIDEO: Insights into Being a High School Student in Japan"

  1. Lim Sin Ru says:

    I’m from Malaysia,16, girl and a Chinese.I’m wondering..is there anyway that i can go to Japan right after i finish my studies in secondary school..? I want to study at Japan and my Japanese is still in improvement(self learnt)..oh and… those the results matter to study in Japan..? ( Sorry about so many questions..)

    1. Megan Arzbaecher says:

      Hi Lim, thank you for your comment. We do not offer university or post-secondary programs at this time. We only offer programs for high schoolers.

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