An In-depth Webinar About Life in Spain

An In-depth Webinar About Life in Spain

When you think of studying in Spain, what comes to mind? Running of the Bulls? Yummy tapas? There’s so much more to traveling and immersing yourself in this part of the world than dodging horns and eating patatas bravas.

To get an in-depth look into life in Spain as an exchange student, give Greenheart Travel’s latest webinar on Spanish culture a listen! Lauren Dutton, a Greenheart Travel high school alumna, speaks about her daily routine, school life, and the moments that stood out the most over her semester in Badajoz, Spain.

Lauren not only sheds light on Spain’s beautiful culture, tasty cuisine, and the Spanish language, she provides very useful tips in regards to packing for a semester in Spain. Lauren also offers some advice for high school students unsure about ways to gain credit for classes, as well as encouragement on how to make studying abroad in Spain through Greenheart Travel a reality.

Here’s a look at the webinar:

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