Experiencing a New Host Family and School in Spain

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So a lot has happened here in Spain since I wrote my last blog entry. I have since been moved to a new host family, city, and school. My new host family has three children, Raquel- 13, Sarah- 11, and Sergio- 5! They live in a smaller town named Quintana de La Serena.

I attend I.E.S. Quintana De La Serena for school. It is much smaller than my old school, but I enjoy it a lot more. The kids are very excited to have me and love trying out their English on me! The school day is the same here except we have three, hour-long classes, a thirty-minute break, and then three more classes.

The school is farther away from my house than my old school was, so I get dropped off. I haven’t decided if I like that or how my old school was better! Regardless, I am a lot happier here in my new house. I have started a Zumba class three days a week, Flamenco class once a week, and Spanish tutoring three times a week. My schedule here is very busy!

host family in spain

The first day that I got here, we went to a birthday party for my host mom’s sister. The whole family from all around Spain was there! The dinner started at 10 and ended around 2 in the morning. I was absolutely exhausted.

The second day, we got up early and went to an international fair. People from all different countries around Europe were there. It was mainly an animal fair, but there were a few rides also! It was fun, but exhausting! Especially after my late night at the birthday party.

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