Way Different than Expected: Studying Abroad in Spain

Way Different than Expected: Studying Abroad in Spain

I am finally here and everything is wayyyyy different than I expected! I thought I was coming into this experience of attending high school in Spain super prepared and ready to go. But, nothing can prepare you to live in a foreign place where you don’t speak the language. It is very overwhelming but completely amazing if you can give into it and immerse yourself. Because my Spanish is not very good, school has been difficult. But, I actually really enjoy it. My friends are super willing to help me out, thank god.


We stay in one classroom all day with mostly the same people. If you have an art or technology class you have to go to that specific classroom, but normally the teachers go around from classroom to classroom and we stay put. School starts at 8:25am, then we have 2 classes and a 20 minute break, followed by another 2 classes and a 20 minute break before a final 2 classes. We get out of school at 2:25pm. After school, our family has lunch together, and then we relax until around 4:45 or 5pm. That’s when we study.

My host sister and I play volleyball together. It’s really fun! We practice 3 times a week from 8 to 10pm. The sports here are not connected to school which is nice because I have met people from other schools I wouldn’t have met otherwise.


The kids here love McDonald’s and Burger King. They are the hangout spots, which is kinda funny to me. On the weekends we go out from around 10pm to 1am with all of our friends. The first weekend I was here we went to Burger King and then walked around town. It was also my host sister’s birthday, so we had a giant fiesta for her. That night we hung out in the basement with all of her friends, and then walked to the park in the middle of town.

So far I am having blast! The atmosphere, especially at school, is very mellow and relaxed. Everyone I have met has been so kind. The days here are so full and fun! All in all, everything is going well, and I am adjusting to this new life.

Louise Plever is 15 years old and lives in Asheville, North Carolina. Her goal during her study abroad program in Spain is “to become fluent in Spanish and make friends that will last a lifetime.” Follow Louise’s adventure in Spain on her blog post updates throughout the year.

2 thoughts on "Way Different than Expected: Studying Abroad in Spain"

  1. Terry Kalb says:

    So proud of you, Louise- what a a life changing adventure you are embracing!

  2. Paul Kalb says:

    Hi Louise, Great blog posting! Sounds like you are adjusting well and have made some good friends. I’m sure your Spanish will improve quickly which should make the school work easier. La Hamburguesa El Rey? Hacerlo a tu manera! LOL.
    Ciao for now,
    Uncle Paul

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