Photo Essay: 3 Months in France Through Selfies

Photo Essay: 3 Months in France Through Selfies

Sharai Mason, a 21 year old student from Alaska, set off for her Teach in a Homestay program in France this spring not quite sure what to expect or how it would go. Her large and tight-knit host family lived in Saint Hilaire de Brethmas near Nimes in the south of France, and like many people at the beginning of their program, she was worried that she might not fit in. But she surprised herself!

Throughout her program, Sharai became close with her host family and their extended family network. “When I set out on this adventure, it was to prove to myself that I was capable. As a small town girl from small town Eagle River, Alaska, waking up in France always shocks me. I have to pinch myself every morning. I’m so grateful to the Fraslin-Bargeton family for their kindness! I always knew I would come to France. I never knew how or when. But here I am. I’m so blessed to be here with so many amazing people.”

Now that her 3 month program is coming to an end, she shares stories and photos from her weekend trips, exploring historical sights and parties with  her new French family:

“I’ve met so many wonderful people and seen amazing places. I learned some new things about myself. And now, I’m my trip is coming to its end. I already miss what has been my life in France and the little family & friend unit that we made. I thank them for sharing in my adventure. Thank you to the amazing Bargeton-Fraslin family for all of their kindness and hospitality, they were seriously awesome!!! They have made the past 3 months a time I will never forget and all I can do is thank them from the bottom of my heart”

Check out Sharai’s photo essay of her travels around Southern France and bonding with her French host family:

celebrating easter with an egg hunt

I was in France over the Easter holiday, so we celebrated with an egg hunt!

carole (my host mom) and me in Ales

This was on my first weekend trip with Carole (my host mom) in Ales

colosseum in arles

Who knew France had coliseums! Here’s one I visited in Arles.

cool graffiti art in sete

Sete had a really cool graffiti art scene!

day hikes with my host family
day trip to sete france

Sete also has a really beautiful waterfront!

eating ice cream in la grande motte

Sharing ice cream snacks with family in La Grande Motte

exploring montpellier

I spent another weekend exploring Montpellier with my host family

silly faces at my going away party
the aqueducts of Pont du Gard

Southern France has so many awesome things to see, like the aqueducts in Pont du Gard!

walking through the streets of monaco

I even got a chance to visit another country — Monaco!

went to Belvedere de Serre de Tourre (canyon)

This is a selfie at the Grand Canyon of France –Belvedere de Serre de Tourre

windy day on our hike
winter in the french alps

I even got to experience a little bit of French winter in the French Alps. This reminded me of home in Alaska.

Are you ready to have your own French homestay experience?

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  1. Pamela says:

    Are the prices posted per month prices, or does it cost less the longer the assignment?

    1. Megan says:

      Hi Pamela—

      All of the prices for this program are listed on our website for you to see. You will see that they are listed by length of stay, so the price for 1, 2 and 3 months are different. Feel free to check out the prices and what is included here: https://greenhearttravel.org/program/adult/teach-homestay/france-language-homestay#costs

      I hope this helps!

  2. Vipasha says:

    Is it mandatory to have TEFL certification for such opportunity?

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