Why Stay in France?

Why Stay in France?

A friend was asked why he had come out on a two year mission for our church as a young 19 year old man. When he gave his answer he was promptly told to forget that reason and ask himself why he was staying.

I’ve been in Quimper, France for nearly a week teaching English in a homestay and this whole week I’ve asked myself, “Why stay?”

Traveling to France was an experience I was terrified of. I was terrified to find my way on my own through airports. After a very hard week of loss before arriving here, I wasn’t looking forward to not having my family close.

Despite my fears, Quimper and my host family have turned out to be very beneficial. 

As I’ve done my best to immerse myself in the culture, people and sights I’ve re-discovered my love for ancient architecture, nature and discovered my like for French cheese, baked goods, and small portions at meal time. 


But for me, more than the wonderful people who have welcomed me into their lives, the beautiful architecture, sights and food, I’ve discovered who I am and that I can face my fears and conquer them. 

So why stay?

Some days it will not be easy to answer, but finding the gratitude in the small things is what will amount to the great experiences. 

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One thought on "Why Stay in France?"

  1. Susie Webb Larson says:

    What an interesting question. We may have reasons for going somewhere, but totally different reasons for staying, even unexpected reasons. That’s the joy of life and agency.

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