6 Ways You Can Travel Before Grad School Next Fall

6 Ways You Can Travel Before Grad School Next Fall

It’s becoming increasingly popular to use travel not only as a means for personal growth, but also as a way to show off adaptability, cultural understanding and open-mindedness on a resume or college application; qualities that will set you apart from other applicants.

Taking a gap year, however, doesn’t always fit into everyone’s timelines and for some, the thought of signing a year-long contract can be a major roadblock.

Whether you need to be back home by the fall or  you’re graduating this winter and are looking for an opportunity to live abroad, Greenheart Travel has many short-contract programs to choose from.

Teach English in Thailand over the Summer

Contract length: 7 weeks
Start Dates: June 10, July 1
Deadline to apply: February 15, 2019

Qualified teachers can Teach in Thailand during our Summer break for 7 weeks! You’ll be provided an arrival orientation, placement at a school  and a salary of THB 35,000 – 40,000 for the duration of your program. This is the perfect option to go abroad before grad school without breaking the bank!

Teach English in Myanmar

Contract length: 3 and 6 months
Start Dates: January 28, March 25
Deadline to apply: November 28, 2018

Myanmar is quickly gaining popularity with tourists but it’s still a unique destination for westerners. Most teachers get placed in the largest city of the country, Yangon, where there are an abundance of markets and neighborhoods to explore as well as other expats to connect with!

Be a Marketing Intern in Thailand

Contract length: 3 months
Start Dates: Every month
Deadline to apply: 2 months prior to departure

Teaching may not be in your career path so interning abroad is an alternative way to gain international work experience! You’ll be able to bring newfound skills in marketing, NGO management and international relations to your classroom in the fall!

Get TEFL Certified in Argentina, Costa Rica, or Spain!

Course duration: 1 month
Start Dates: Every month
Deadline to apply: 2 months prior to departure

Getting TEFL certified abroad is a productive way to spend a month abroad while gaining a new skill! All courses offer job placement assistance where you can find short-term positions to fill your time before you need to head back home!

Teach English in Italy

Contract length: 3 months
Next start date: January 8th, 2019
Deadline to apply: November 21st

Girls in Venice

For under $400 a month, you can experience Italian culture by volunteer teaching at a local public school in the Piedmont region while living with an Italian host family. Your accommodation with the family and 2-3 delicious meals a day will be provided so you concentrate on taking in all the sights and smells that Italy has to offer you.

Teach in a Homestay (Choose from 8 countries!)

Contract length: 1, 2 or 3 months
Next start date: As soon as 8-12 weeks from time of application

Teaching in a Homestay means you live with a host family, and in exchange for a room and 3 meals a day, you provide the family with 15 hours of English lessons each week. This program not only allows you access to a different language and culture, it’s also one of our most flexible programs. You can choose to go for 1, 2 or 3 months in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, China, France, Italy, Spain or Thailand! Read about one of our recent teacher’s experience in Basque Country, Spain!

Hurricane Relief in Puerto Rico

Contract length: 1-12 weeks or our new 4-day weekend option
Start Dates: Every Monday of the year! Or, any Friday-Monday for a long weekend
Deadline to apply: At least 2 weeks prior to your start date

This program gives volunteers the opportunity to help rebuild after Hurricane Maria devastated the island, while also providing insight into and experience with environmental conservation and the importance of sustainable development. This theme carries over into your included accommodations which are equipped with solar-powered internet connection, environmentally sound septic system and gravity-fed water pumps. In order to apply, you must be independent, physically fit, open-minded, willing to immerse yourself in and learn about another culture and be flexible; all traits that you can also highlight on your resume when you return from this amazing opportunity!

Work & Travel in Australia, New Zealand, or Ireland

Contract length: 6-12 months
Next start date: As soon as 8 weeks from time of application


This is the quintessential “gap year” program, except you can choose to do it for 6 months. You will work in either New Zealand, Ireland or Australia, with the option to move around the country, try different jobs and meet other backpackers! Jobs are usually in pubs, on farms, at amusement parks and in factories so the focus of this program is less on your job, and more about experiencing another culture and funding your travels.

Want to talk more about how you can travel abroad on these programs? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we can answer your questions!


Where are you hoping to travel before grad school? Share your comments below!

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