Student Spotlight on Autumn Lee; Greenheart Travel’s Correspondent in France

Student Spotlight on Autumn Lee; Greenheart Travel’s Correspondent in France

Greenheart Travel is excited to send a group of amazing high school students to language camps overseas as part of our 2016 Travel Correspondent Scholarship awards. To help introduce our inspiring writers, we are doing a series of spotlight interviews to help you get to know a little more about who they are, where they will be headed and what inspired them to learn a new language abroad.

Read on to meet 16-year-old, Autumn Lee, our Greenheart Travel Correspondent from Alameda, California, who’ll be traveling to Arcachon for her summer language camp in France!

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I love learning to play new instruments. So far, I play the piano, flute, piccolo, and clarinet, and I will be playing the saxophone in marching band next year.


Have you traveled abroad before?

I really enjoy exploring new places and I have traveled abroad to the Caribbean, China, Mexico, Canada, Italy, and France. Every summer, I go to Hawaii for a week or two and snorkel and kayak in the Pacific ocean, which is one of my favorite things to do.

What got you interested in learning French and traveling abroad?

A few years ago when my older sister graduated from high school, her big present was a trip to Europe. For 2 weeks, my family stayed in France and during that time, and I developed an affinity for the French language and culture. After that summer, I signed up for French as an elective freshmen year. It has been 3 years and I am still completely fascinated with it.

What are you most excited to experience during your language camp?

This summer, I am going to Arcachon, France and I am so excited to improve my French vocabulary and accent! I’m also looking forward to the beautiful scenery, and of course the French cuisine.

Why do you feel it’s important to travel to a new place and learn a new language?

I think it’s extremely important to travel and learn new languages because it opens the door to opportunity. With an understanding of culture and language, communication is plausible and can lead to connections in the private and domestic sphere.

What are you nervous about as you prepare for your language camp?

I am very thrilled and ecstatic to travel this summer, but I am also very nervous to be away from my family and travel on my own. Despite that impediment, I think that I will be just peachy in France.

How well do you speak a second language at this point?

At this point, I have a pretty solid understanding of many French verbs and have the ability to hold a conversation and ask questions formally and informally.

How do you think you will change the most during your time abroad?

During my time abroad, I hope to advance my French skills, meet some amazing people, and learn to love the oysters. I think that I will return to the States with a deeper understanding of the French culture and hope to be very prepared for AP French 5 in the fall!



autumn-bio-picAutumn Lee is 16 years old and lives in Alameda, California. Her goal during her language program in France is to “improve my French vocabulary and understand in more depth the French culture and people.” Follow Autumn’s adventures in France on her weekly blog post updates.

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