Photo Essay: Life Outside the Spanish Classroom in Salamanca

Photo Essay: Life Outside the Spanish Classroom in Salamanca

Learning Spanish during a language camp in Spain isn’t all school work and tests. Greenheart Traveler, Savannah Moore shares her adventures outside of the classroom in a series of photos from her time in Salamanca.

Check out her photos and picture yourself perfecting the Spanish language in Spain!

This is me and my host family in Salamanca, Spain. The two students in the white shirts just left yesterday and were from a French speaking country in the Caribbean. The girl on the very far right is Margaret ,who goes to the same school as me and is from Memphis, Tennessee. My host mom is standing in the middle left of the picture, and my other roommate, Lily, who also goes to school with me, is from Berkeley, California.

This is me and my friends in the Plaza Mayor at night. It’s only about a five minute walk from my house and is where everyone goes to hang out with their friends.

This past week there has been an incredible light show in the Plaza Mayor every night. It is one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen and the coolest part is that multiple countries have influenced the evening shows so there is something new every night. 

This is a well where couples go and put a lock on to signify their love for each other. It is in an incredible garden right by the cathedral. My friends and I often go there at night to just hang out because it’s very quiet and peaceful.

This is a cathedral in Segovia near the castle that Cinderella’s castle was based off of. The cathedrals are all very intricately detailed and all look like they could be magnificent castles.

The sun doesn’t set until pretty late here. This is the picture of the night sky from the Plaza Mayor at around 10 p.m.

This city is full of amazing architecture and artwork everywhere. The other day I was just wandering around the city and this was one of the beautiful pieces of art I found just on some random street!


Can you see yourself learning Spanish and exploring Salamanca?

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