The People That Shaped My Salamanca Experience

The People That Shaped My Salamanca Experience

I just finished up my third and final week of my language camp in Salamanca, and I miss it so much already. I met so many incredible people during my travels­ that I will remember for a lifetime. Here are a few of the people that shaped my experience.

My Spanish Host Family

My host family was extremely kind and welcoming. They always asked me how I was doing, and were able to help me with anything I needed. They made an effort to teach me new Spanish vocabulary, and helped me with my grammar when I didn’t understand. Nerea, the two year old daughter, was very cute, and she always played with me!

host sister

My International Friends­

Meeting new friends was one of the best parts of traveling abroad. I met friends from every corner of the world. I was able to embrace and learn about Spanish culture, while learning about the culture of the homes of my new friends!

My Spanish Teachers

My teachers were all so wonderful. They held discussions in class everyday, and really cared about the students. Each teacher truly had a passion for their job and was excited to be at school.



allie-bio-picAllie Larman is 15 years old and lives in Berkeley, California. Her goal during his language program in Salamanca, Spain is “to learn and try Spanish dance styles such as Flamenco while I am in Salamanca. I practice American dance at home, and I hope to broaden my dance horizons.” Follow Allie’s adventures in Spain on her weekly blog post updates.

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