Your Opportunity for a Free Trip!

Your Opportunity for a Free Trip!
If you are in Costa Rica, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, or Myanmar with Greenheart Travel in 2022 you’re eligible to win your trip! That’s right, your current trip could be FREE! Greenheart will award two lucky winners, one will get 100% of the program fee refunded, and the other will get 50% refunded.

What do you have to do to win?

Send us your most awesome content –telling your travel story to the Greenheart Community.
Here are the parameters;


Video – Take us through your typical school day, show us what excites you in your community, your school, your travel life.

  1. ONE video that is no more than 3 minutes and filmed horizontally for a TV screen OR
  2. THREE Reels that are no more than 60 seconds each.


  1.  7-10 high resolution photos of your school/classroom. We love colorful photos that show you in action!
  2.  7-10 high resolutions photos of your travels around your adopted country. Life looks different overseas. Show us how different!

Written Piece

  1. 300 words about you traveling, to this location, for this reason, at this time in history.

Social Media

  1. Follow Greenheart Travel on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
  2. Tag at least 2 friends on one of our IG posts
  3. Post a GHT review on Go Overseas and Go Abroad

Complete the above list and submit your awesome content no later than December 15 by uploading to this link.

  1.  Fill in the information, then drag your files to where it says “Drag files here”
  2. When all your files are listed, hit the UPLOAD button on the bottom left.
  3. Your files will start uploading and you will see a status bar.
  4. Once the status reaches 100%, your files have been successfully uploaded and you will receive an email notification
  5. When you submit materials, please drop us a note at GH_marketing@greenheart.org with your ~300 word written piece and a bit about who you are and why you decided to Travel for a Change with Greenheart. Please include your social media handles.
We will pick a winner and runner up during last 2 weeks of 2022 and winners will be announced in January! We can’t wait to see your content!

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