Meet our Newest English Teachers in Thailand!

Meet our Newest English Teachers in Thailand!

Meet five of the teachers joining our Teach English in Thailand Program this month, along with their inspiring reasons and motivations for teaching English in Thailand! More profiles will be published leading up to the start date!

Michael Henkin
Cleveland, OH, USA
Miami University
Major: Geography

My work with children and world travel form the perfect foundation for teaching English in Thailand. I was a summer camp counselor for children with learning disabilities for 8 years in Cleveland, Ohio. Throughout my university career I tutored children in reading and writing. Upon graduating with my BA in Geography, I traveled around Europe and Hurghada, Egypt with my twin brother before I began graduate school. My graduate career afforded the opportunity to conduct extensive fieldwork in southeastern Kenya.

After earning my MA in Geography, I moved to New York City for a one-year internship with the National Park Service where I conducted conservation research. My desire for exploration and passion for education has now motivated me to pursue teaching abroad!

I am inspired to teach in Thailand because I want to strengthen my role as a global citizen and engage in a cross-cultural experience while promoting education.



Natalie Brodie
Boise, ID, United States of America
University of Idaho
Major: Organizational Science
Minor: Communications
Certificate: Diversity & Stratification

 I caught the travel bug at a young age as well as the giving bug. I traveled to Cabagra, an indigenous village in Costa Rica my sophomore year of college on a service trip. We spent two weeks constructing a bathroom for the local school. The people, their outlook on life, and my overall cultural experience there changed me as a person. I’ve traveled all over the United States, Europe, The Caribbean, Canada, and Costa Rica. I have held many leadership roles, been a part of various clubs, traveled with groups on service trips, and mentored young children on horseback riding safety. Teaching comes natural to me and is something I really enjoy. I am excited to be in a classroom setting.  I would like to work for a non-profit in the future and eventually start my own. My ultimate goal is to end human trafficking and to educate as many people as possible on the subject.

My motivation to participate in a program like this stems from my eagerness to experience something uncomfortable. I think it’s important in life to do things that scare you a little. I graduated college in December 2014, and began working 14 hours a day, six days a week as a server at a restaurant while I processed what I wanted to do with my life. I kept hearing stories about people who were traveling or teaching abroad, and I asked myself, why can’t that be me? I decided I wanted to dive into something I could grow from, and actually do the things so many people only dream of doing.



Tracy Bomberg
Mendota Heights, MN, United States of America
Indiana University – Bloomington
Major: Journalism

I received a bachelor degree in Journalism from IU-Bloomington in 2005.  Upon graduating I taught preschool for two years and then moved to St. Louis, Missouri to be the assistant director of a residential summer camp.  In 2007 I moved back to Minnesota to take a job as the director of Camp TEKO on Lake Minnetonka.  After my tenure as a camp director I got a job as a coordinator of youth and family education for the Bloomington Public School district and have worked there since 2011.  I also work at Minnesota Life College as an evening instructor teaching independent life and social skills to adults with autism and learning disabilities.

My hobbies include running, playing with my dog (who I will miss terribly when I am in Thailand!), spending time with family and friends, and of course traveling!  I look forward to fully immersing myself in the Thai culture and embracing a new lifestyle!  I am excited to share my passion of teaching and learning with my new students and co-workers.  I am ready for the adventure of a lifetime!



Mark J. Michaud
Tahoe City, California, U.S.A.
J.D., Law ~ Gonzaga University School of Law
B.S., Social Science ~ Boise State University

Experience: 15+ years in law and business from securities fraud arbitration to corporate counsel for startup companies to Chief Operating Officer of a national divorce mediation firm to President of a medical device product company.  My most recent position was Chief Operating Officer of Aventis, a global adventure travel company.

I love to challenge my status quo and living outside my comfort zone.  Having zero experience in a classroom or formal education made the decision to switch my life path to teaching abroad even easier.  Moreover, I am interested in everything that moves humans towards cooperation, sustainability, and life balance; because why work if you can’t live….

Solo travel as it forces my introvert self to reach out and interact with complete strangers from different countries, cultures, and languages; skiing; mountain biking; SUP; and any opportunities that push beyond the ordinary and attempt to make the impossible possible.



Lisa Dershowitz
Katy, TX, United States of America
Michigan State University
Major: Geography

 Hello my name is Lisa Dershowitz and I am from Katy, Texas USA. I graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelors degree in Geography. In addition, I received a masters degree from Miami University  in Geography. My studies  heavily focused  on sustainable tourism.

While in graduate school I worked as a teaching assistant in various world and regional Geography classes and I was also fortunate enough to spend my summer conducting field work along the Israel National Trail. I have an extensive  background in working with children. I volunteered with my local softball league for children with special needs, worked as a camp counselor for several years, and served as a local Youth Advisor.  Additionally, I have always had a passion for traveling and learning about new cultures as I have been fortunate to travel a lot growing up. My traveling experience is also what led me to my interest in studying sustainable tourism. Lastly, I have always been interested in education from guest lecturing,  to most recently interning at a Geographic educational non-profit where I was able to assist with research, writing, and editing lesson plans for teachers all across the world to use.

By teaching abroad in Thailand, I hope to fully immerse myself in the host community in a way that I can fully embrace their culture and not just be another tourist. I hope to be a part of a cultural exchange in which I can contribute my teaching skills to help others while also learning about the community myself. In the end I want to take away a even more positive outlook on life, better understanding of Thai culture, and improve upon my teaching skills.



Have advice for these new teachers as they head out on their adventures? Post below!


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