TESOL: Graduation

TESOL: Graduation

I know I haven’t posted in a while! It has been a crazy busy last two weeks!

The last week of TESOL was spent working on a final cumulative project, studying for the final exam and finalizing placements. The majority of us have an agent that works as a middle man between the teachers and the school and a good chunk of us are represented by Media Kids, the biggest agent in Thailand.  We had an orientation that lasted a day and a half with a certificate at the end to officially welcome us to the Media Kids family.


It’s nice to have a huge agent because they definitely seem to have their shit together, but with big companies also comes other things- so we shall see! So far, no complaints!

The rest of TESOL was a bit of a cluster and a huge whirlwind, but we did it! We’re done! We graduated! IMG_9315IMG_9311

It was definitely a lot of work but we learned a lot from Xplore Asia, but our kickass instructor Ailen, in particular. 🙂


After the exam, they were graded to make sure everyone passed (we did) and we drove up to the top of a mountain for the ceremony and a butt ton of pictures.


**The view**

This month has been a LOT. It’s been meeting a ton of people and getting to know them really well in a really short amount of time. But these people are family now and I wouldn’t change anything! Thanks for the memories everyone, I cannot wait to watch and see what you do in your placements and in your lives!

IMG_9367 IMG_9357 IMG_9325 IMG_9400 IMG_9386 IMG_9322 IMG_9319IMG_9327 IMG_9354 IMG_9374 IMG_9406 IMG_9410 IMG_9452 IMG_9461 IMG_9412IMG_9459 IMG_9350

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