Here’s Why You Would Love Living in These 12 Cities in Thailand

Here’s Why You Would Love Living in These 12 Cities in Thailand

We asked our current teachers in Thailand to complete this sentence: “You would love living in ___[your placement city]___ because…”  to get a good idea of just how unique and interesting each placement city is within Thailand. If you are considering teaching in Thailand, check out the wide variety of culturally diverse cities we place teachers in! 

Trang, Thailand

“You’ll love living in Trang because it’s filled with culture, great food and a solid group of western teachers.” – Megan Sheley

“You would love living in Trang because it’s an authentic Thai town with a pop of western flavor from all the foreign teachers living here. It’s also super close to all the islands to get your beach fix!” – Taylor Stinson

Roi-Et, Isan, Thailand

“You would love living in Roi-Et because there’s a cool “lake” in the middle of the city, plus a gorgeous wat with the tallest Buddha you’ve ever seen.” – Haley, Cormier

Chanthaburi, Thailand

“You would love living in Chanthaburi because of the amazing walks along the river and you’re only a motorbike ride away from the beach, mountains or waterfalls!” – Martina Cook

Pakkred, Nonthaburi Province, Thailand

“You would love living in Pakkred, pronounced pocket, because there are a number of wats to check out and you are in an affordable town just outside of Bangkok! I absolutely love my view of the Chao Praya River.” – Kyle Reed

Surin, Thailand

You would love Surin because the pace of life is slow here (but not too slow) and the people are so authentic and kind.” – Kelsey Gibbs

Lang Suan, Chumphon Province, Thailand

“You would love living in Lang Suan because the jungle, the mountains, and the sea are on your doorstep. But, the tourism industry is not, so you’ll have to find them for yourself.” – Derek Satterfield

Bangkok, Thailand

“You would love living in Bangkok because there is always an endless amount of things to do and places to explore (especially themed cafes – basically a foodie’s paradise)!” – Varshini Kumar

Samut Songkhram, Thailand

“You would love living in Samut Songkhram because the floating markets are amazing during the day and night.” – Alex Oetzell

Phibun Mangsahan, Ubon Ratchathani Province, Thailand

“You would love living in Phibun Mangsahan because it’s on a beautiful river and has amazing temples and night markets!” – Meredith Chambers

Phichit Province, Thailand

“You would love living in the Phichit Province because it’s where you can truly experience authentic Thai culture.”  – Hannah Lyon

Tak, Thailand

“You would love living in Tak because watching sunsets by the suspension bridge with homemade coconut ice cream is the best way to spend the night after a long day of work.” – Phoebe Nault


Do you picture yourself teaching in Thailand in one of these amazing locations?

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