Taking a Break from Tutoring to Visit Iguazu Falls in Argentina

Taking a Break from Tutoring to Visit Iguazu Falls in Argentina

I recently traveled from my small town of Canada de Gomez to go see the waterfalls in Iguazu, Argentina. Embarking on this journey was something I was looking forward to doing while teaching in Argentina, and would also be the first time I ever went on a “weekend getaway” by myself. Granted I’m in Argentina by myself, but I am constantly surrounded by people I have made friends with and my host as well.

Embarking on a Solo Experience 

Traveling to Iguazu involved sharing a hostel with most people who were in pairs, eating alone, and venturing around the national park by myself. I’m a very socially needy person, so doing this made me learn a lot about myself.

I learned that it isn’t the worst thing to go to a restaurant by yourself, and that doing things alone isn’t the end of the world.

  • You get to do everything on your own terms.
  • You get to put your needs first.
  • You get to spend quality time with yourself.

So, all in all I think it was probably a good thing that I finally had this experience.

Staying in the hostel was also a good experience for me. Normally when I do something like this I am with my friends and don’t fully pay attention to my surroundings. Going solo allowed me to meet and talk to people from all over the world including Holland, the UK, France, and I even found someone from the USA!

I talked the most to two guys from the UK who were backpacking around South America. The students in Argentina are learning British English, so I was able to clarify differences between US and UK English with them.

The Waterfalls of Iguazu from Argentina

The waterfalls were simply amazing, amazing, and amazing! Iguazu Falls are the 7th largest in the world (even larger than Niagara), and they fall at the border of Argentina and Brazil. Due to them being in between both countries you are able to experience the waterfalls from both sides. But, since we have to pay a visa fee to enter Brazil, I chose to only go to the falls on the Argentina side.

The park itself is set up to have three different views/trails for you to be able to see and experience the falls. The first trail I took started at the very top/highest point, and I got to see the “Devil’s Throat” (where water falling from both Brazil and Argentina meets). The entire walk felt like it took forever because I was so excited! 

“Once I got there I was in absolute shock. You are literally standing over rushing water and have a perfect view of the waterfalls. It is absolutely an amazing sight to see. The sound of the water crashing, and the mist that appears from such a heavy waterfall… It’s hard to even justify in pictures, but it was really cool.”

After the ‘Devil’s Throat’, I found the closest thing to American food I have in like three weeks – a Subway sandwich shop. I was so happy to eat a turkey sandwich, which is a little sad to admit.

Standing in Awe of Iguazu – Definitely Go!

Following lunch I was able to go on the last two trails (lower and upper). Both trails were amazing as well. Every time I saw a part of the falls I would stand there for a few minutes and just stare in awe. I kept thinking it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, so I would literally walk a few more feet, stop, and be in awe all over again. With every step it just got better and better.

If you are ever in that area of Argentina/Brazil, I definitely recommend visiting Iguazu Falls for a day! The Argentina side only took a day of touring, and I’ve heard the Brazil side takes half a day. It’s definitely an awesome place to stop. Overall it was an amazing weekend filled with so much nature and walking. Loved it!

Tutoring English for 15 hours a week leaves plenty of time to explore Argentina! What are you waiting for?  

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