Alumni Spotlight on Sam Cushing: Just Say Yes to Argentina!

Greenheart Traveler, Sam Cushing, posing with a metal sculpture.

We recently caught up with Greenheart Travel alum, Sam Cushing, to hear about his experience taking the in-person TEFL certification course in Argentina. Do you want to learn more about what it’s like to live in the thrilling city and culture of Buenos Aires? Read on!

It’s fantastic that you traveled to Argentina to take the TEFL Certification Course. What inspired you to travel to this country and study teaching English in particular?

Life was getting stale and I wanted a change in my life. What better way than to experience a new city, culture and language.? Teaching English was a great means of doing so.

A shady park in Argentina.

A shady park in Argentina.

Do you have a roommate? If so, how has that experience been?

Great! I have five roommates. All international so I can practice my Spanish.

Can you share a bit about your overall classroom experience so far, and any insight for future Argentina TEFL Course attendees?

I came during the summer time, which is low season for teachers, so it’s actually been a little difficult to find steady work down here. I have managed to find jobs teaching employees of businesses, which has been fun for me given my background as a consultant. I’d suggest applying early for as many positions as possible and to be aggressive.

Greenheart Traveler, Sam Cushing, posing in front of architecture in Argentina.

Sam Cushing explores his new home of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

What part of Buenos Aires do you live, and have you done much traveling outside of your host community? If yes, where have you traveled? Or, where do you hope to go?

I’m living in Retiro, which I love. The architecture is so beautiful in the neighborhood. I still have yet to travel much outside of the city because I’ve been looking for work and getting settled. However, I am going to Patagonia with a few friends during the holidays.

What is one (or two) of your favorite city adventures so far?

Definitely exploring the La Recoleta Cemetery. It’s so beautiful there.

Has this experience changed any of your personal and professional priorities or goals since arriving? How so?

Not at all! I had carefully thought this part of my life out beforehand… Nothing has changed.

Greenheart Traveler, Sam Cushing, practicing his Spanish.

Sam Cushing reading a book in Spanish.

What have been the biggest cultural differences you’ve noticed, and do you have any advice for proper cultural etiquette new travelers should be aware of before they arrive in Argentina?

I think people here are incredible friendly and welcoming. One thing I noticed is how relaxed people are with mostly everything (especially times/schedules).

If you were talking with someone that wasn’t sure about attending this course before teaching English abroad, what would you tell them?

I would tell them that it certainly helps give a foundation with which to start your new life here, including a new group of friends and connections.

Greenheart Traveler, Sam Cushing, ready to teach.

Sam Cushing getting ready to teach his class about conditionals.

Do you have a favorite mantra or quote that inspires you to get out of your comfort zone that has helped you during your travels?

Just say yes!

Any other additional thoughts or tips you have for anyone wanting to travel and attend a TEFL course in Argentina?

It doesn’t matter how much money you bring with you to the graveyard. What matters is the memories you make and the experiences you have. That’s the concept that sold me on the idea to move to Argentina.


Looking for an exciting locale to get TEFL certified? Try Argentina!

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