My Favorite Snack Foods to Try in France

My Favorite Snack Foods to Try in France
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While studying abroad in France, I have had the chance to try new dishes in one of the major food capitals of the world. Below are a list of foods and drinks to try the next time you are traveling in France.

My Favorite Foods and Drinks While Traveling in France


When I was younger, I came to France on vacation with my family and at every restaurant and vending machine I would make my parents buy me a can of Lipton Iced Tea. While this drink exists in the States, I have yet to find the pêche flavor, or more specifically white pêche.

For me, the taste of the tea always reminds me of France. I recommend ordering the iced tea (remember you don’t have to translate it they say “iced” too).


Galletes are simply described as “savory crepes” or “crepes made with buckwheat,” but they have quickly become one my favorite foods. They are a speciality of the Brittany region in France, which is where I am currently living. The fillings can include an egg, cheese and some kind of meat (bacon, pork, chicken) or smoked salmon and crème fraîche.

My preferred gallete is in the photo and i urge you all to try one because every time i hear we are having galletes for dinner my day becomes about 25% better.


If you’ve ever been to a French grocery store, you know they eat A LOT of yogurt (although some of it is really pudding). However, my favorite food found in this grocery aisle has been neither yogurt nor pudding, but flan.

This dessert comes in a yoghurt cup and easily slides onto your plate. It’s incredibly hard to describe the taste of flan, but this vanilla or caramel flavored flan is by far my favorite.


When hosting family and friends, the French will prepare a lot of little appetizers as part of a big meal. This was explained to me when I introduced my friends and host family to Goldfish crackers, my 24/7 snack.

I have a theory that all the best food is eaten as this assortment of appetizers so we are able to eat every single one. My favorite discovery has been tarama, a dipping sauce that you add to your bread or shrimp. The first time I tried it, I was a little hesitant, because it was bright pink and smelled like a mix of fish and eggs, but really is wonderful dip.


This is a great, although unhealthy, snack. L’ourson is basically a little sponge cake in the shape of a bear with chocolate inside. This is very helpful for “non-meal time” hunger, probably not the healthiest, but that’s what makes them great. If we had these in the U.S. they would be my snack every day.

Do you have any favorite foods or snacks you recommend trying in France? Share them in the comments below!

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