Student Spotlight on Morgan Tucker; Greenheart Travel’s Correspondent in Germany

Student Spotlight on Morgan Tucker; Greenheart Travel’s Correspondent in Germany

Greenheart Travel is excited to send a group of amazing high school students to study abroad as part of our 2016 Travel Correspondent Scholarship awards. To help introduce our inspiring writers, we are doing a series of spotlight interviews to help you get to know a little more about who they are, where they will be headed and what inspired them to study abroad.

Read on to meet 16-year-old, Morgan Tucker, our Greenheart Travel Correspondent from Greenfield, Indiana who’ll be traveling abroad to study in Germany!

Favorite thing to do in your free time?

Read and Sing. This photo of me and my friend was taken the night of our last concert. We were both in our school’s Pop Swing choir.

Morgan and friend

Have you traveled abroad before?

Yes, I went to Italy the summer before my freshman year of high school.


What got you interested in learning a new language and studying abroad?

I really like being in another country and being able to see how other parts of the world are.

What are you most excited about experiencing or seeing during your high school abroad program?

I’m excited to see the different parts of Germany and experiencing what it’s like to live over there.

Why do you feel it’s important to travel to a new place and experience a different culture?

It shows how big our world is and how diverse humans are. Traveling abroad really shows people that there is more to life than just what happens in their home town.

What are you nervous about?

I’m nervous about not being able to understand what people are saying. I’m not fluent in German. In fact, I’ve taken Spanish the past two years of high school instead of German.


This is my dog Koda. He is one of my best friends and will be missed while I’m studying abroad!

How have you prepared for your time living and studying abroad?

Yes I am trying my hardest to learn at least enough German to get around.

How do you think you will change the most during your time abroad?

I think I’ll become more independent and confident. I will know that if I can go to another country that speaks a language that I don’t know and have the time of my life then I can make it through high school.

Morgan Tucker is 16 years old and lives in Greenfield, Indiana. Her goal during her study abroad program is to “make friends that I will keep for the rest of my life. I also hope to learn about the Germans, and in turn, learn about my heritage.” 
Follow Morgan’s adventure in Germany on her blog post updates throughout her program.

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