Celebrating Host Moms Around the World on Mother’s Day

Celebrating Host Moms Around the World on Mother’s Day

In honor of Mother’s Day, we wanted to thank not just the incredible women that have done so much to love, support and encourage all of us in the Greenheart Travel community, but to also highlight the special bond our host moms form with our participants.

While traveling to a new place, the compassion and care from a host mom is invaluable and a few of our alumni share why they appreciated their host mother’s during their time abroad.

Jacob Pence, High School Student in Spain Alum, 2016

Jacob and host mom in spain

My mother is the most cariñosa (loving)  person. She is always up early to make my brother and I a delicious breakfast and up late to make sure we get home safe on weekends.

Nia Karriem, Teach English in a Homestay France Alumna, 2016 

nia karriem with french host mom

I appreciate how warm and welcoming my host mom was; she immediately made me feel like a member of the family. She has the most infectious laugh, and has a heart of gold. Some of my favorite memories with her are when we baked breads and pies together, our lazy afternoon watching Bridget Jones’ Diary, and daily “Tea Times,” where the two of us had a chance to get to know each other and eventually form a bond! Best host mom, ever!

Jennifer Sirois, Teach English in Italy Alumna, 2016

Jenn and her host mom in italy

With four of her own children to take care of, my host mom always had something going on! But throughout my entire three months in Italy she went above and beyond to make sure I was well taken care of. My stay in Italy was so much better because she truly welcomed me in as one of her own! She even taught me their family tiramisù recipe!! I am excited to go back and visit again one day!

Anna Cutler, High School Student in France Alumna, 2016

Anna and host mom in france

Your host mom isn’t your real mom, but she treats you like one of her own and having a host mom like that makes the whole experience more personal and delightful.


Julie Kypta, Teach English in a Homestay France Alumna, 2015

julie kypta with her host mom

Nadege, the host mom in my wonderful French family is the best! So welcoming that I felt like family right away. She’s a truly unique person, generous, brave, humorous, a fabulous cook, and, of course, a wonderful mom!! Happy Mothers Day Nadege!!


Angelica Green, Teach English in a Homestay Spain Alumna, 2015

angelica green with host mom

While living in the Basque Country on the program, I was lucky enough to have many great women who supported me and always made me welcome. However my ‘host mums’ who I lived with, Katrin and Maia, really became family. They both shared stories from their lives and culture, which deepened my understanding of the importance of family and being their for each other. We had so many great chats, laughs and hikes through the green, fresh mountains. Katrin and Maia are so generous, hard working and always there to help!


Johadane Pierre, Teach English in a Homestay Brazil Alumna, 2015

johadane pierre host mother photo

My host mother Marta was so eager to learn. She loves having a good time and I loved our little outings. We really had a cultural exchange especially when it came to food. She was always cooking and sharing delicious food with me!


Varisa Lertburapa, Costa Rica Volunteer Abroad Alumna, 2015


My program would definitely not be what it was if it weren’t for my host mom Kely and her mother, Doña Esther. These women have so much love and positive energy emanating from both of them that you can’t help but to feel like you are right at home. Even though I was only there for a mere week, the care and attentiveness that they showed has brought me a lifetime of gratitude. Kely and I formed a wonderful relationship over the exchange of conversation in both English and Spanish. As for Doña Esther, she definitely was like my own dear grandma. Like my own grandma, she fed me until I was completely stuffed! I must say, my lunches were definitely the best! Fresh squeezed fruit juices and delicious authentic Tico meals… I was in heaven! My fondest memory I have about Kely is when she found my fellow Greenheart volunteers roaming around at the local market after volunteer hours and got them to come over for an impromptu pizza party! I never felt so lucky to be in the presence of a beautiful and loving family.


Alexa Ball, Teach in Italy Alumna, 2016

alexa and host mom italy

Anna was everything and more than I could have hoped for in a host mom!  From the beginning she was consistently supportive and instantly made me feel at home and included in her family. Anna is so incredibly giving and constantly doing things for others. She’s a hardworking and accomplished woman who I greatly look up to and am so thankful to be able to call her a friend. Anna was the best Italian host mom complete with the best tiramisu recipe around!

Tara Henry-Miltenberger, Teach in Italy Alumna, 2016

Tara and host mom italy

Lara Ferrari. She is more of my sister than a mother to me. She is my Italian counterpart and one of the strongest women I know. I’m so lucky to have spent 3 months learning and living with her family. She is a pioneer and always looking to be better for her students and her family. She is an amazing teacher, full of love and light.

Did you have an awesome host mom from a program abroad? Share below!

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