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  • Which TEFL Course Should I Take to Teach in Korea?

    2 months ago | Teach Abroad - South Korea | 2 Comments

    Unless you majored in English, Education, or Linguistics, or have a Master’s degree in any subject, you will need to become TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certified to qualify for the Teach in Korea program. On the EPIK (English Prog…

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  • 20 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad in High School

    2 months ago | High School Abroad | 0 Comments

    Check out some of our most inspiring Greenheart Travel instagrammers who studied abroad at high schools all over the world within the past year! If you're studying abroad this upcoming semester, make sure to hashtag #greenhearttravel so we can feat…

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  • How Do You Sum Up Thailand With Just One Shot? Pt. 2

    3 months ago | Teach Abroad - Thailand | 0 Comments

    In round 2 of our blog series, we asked our teachers to send us just ONE photo that best sums up their time teaching English there, along with ONE sentence. Most of them expressed just how hard it is to sum up their experience with just one photo an…

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  • Meet Jazzmine Lawton: India Education Volunteer in Jaipur

    4 months ago | Volunteer Abroad - India | 0 Comments

    Greenheart Travel is thrilled to introduce Jazzmine Lawton, our recent volunteer participant at the India Education Project in Jaipur.

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  • Meet Emmanuel, Paris Teen Summer Camp Alumnus

    5 months ago | Language Camp - France | 0 Comments

    Emmanuel Sibug studied French at Greenheart Travel's language camp in Paris.

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