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  • 6 Ways to Soul Search Before You Job Search

    1 month ago | The Global Classroom | 0 Comments

    Sigh, the job search. The process of applying for work can be exhausting and seemingly never-ending, but the more you do it, the better you get at it...or should, theoretically. One thing your job search NEEDS to be to spare you from returning to …

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  • Going International? Here’s Your Checklist!

    2 months ago | General | 0 Comments

    Leaving the country for most any destination is exciting! Just the thought of crossing a border sounds mysterious, adventurous, life-changing. When you were a kid, maybe it was watching with anticipation for a road sign announcing your arrival in a n…

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  • Top Travel Photos of 2015

    7 months ago | Alumni | 0 Comments

    To reflect on 2015 and all the travel adventures had around the world, we wanted to feature the top Instagram photos from our awesome alumni.

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  • Why I Am Teaching English in Colombia

    7 months ago | Teach Abroad - Colombia | 0 Comments

    A few more of our ever inspiring teachers in Colombia tell us below why they chose to move to Colombia to teach English! All of the teachers below are placed with a Ministry of Education placement, and start their journeys at their 2 week program …

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  • A Smile is Universal in Vietnam

    7 months ago | Volunteer Abroad - Vietnam | 0 Comments

    Travelling has taught me that a smile is universal. It didn’t matter that I don’t know their language, when I smiled at the children and their families, they smiled back and knew that I was just there to help.

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